Birth Control Pill Reminders

    Birth Control Pill Reminders

    Taking ORTHO TRI-CYCLEN® LO every day, and at the same time of day, is important. Not only does it maximize the Pill's effectiveness in preventing pregnancy, it also helps to reduce possible side effects like spotting and breakthrough bleeding. Remembering to take your pill is only part of the habit. You also have to make sure you refill your prescription so you don't run out of pills. Use these tips to start great habits right away.


    Your Daily Birth Control Pill: Five Ways to Stay on Track


    1. Make the Pill part of your daily routine.

    Take your pill every day along with another daily-routine activity, such as brushing your teeth. Doing so will help you get in the habit of taking your pills at the same time every day and ensure that your body always gets the right amount of hormones that it needs.


    2. Don't let your pills be out of sight, out of mind.

    Place your ORTHO DIALPAK® Tablet Despenser on the vanity next to your toothbrush, in the kitchen next to your vitamins or on the nightstand next to your bed so that you are always reminded to take your pills on time.


    3. Create new routines when old ones are disrupted.

    If eating breakfast has become hit or miss, take your pill with lunch. Or if your afternoon coffee break becomes obsolete, take your pill when you have your morning coffee instead.


    4. Pack your pills within reach.

    When traveling by plane, keep your ORTHO DIALPAK® or ORTHO PERSONAL PAK™ in your carry-on bags, not your checked luggage. In the event that your bags are lost or stolen, you'll have one less thing to worry about.


    5. Talk to your healthcare professional.

    Share information about your routine with your healthcare professional. He or she can give you advice about when to take your pill that best suits your schedule.


    Remembering Birth Control Refills: Don't Get Caught Empty-handed!

    Make sure you remember to refill your birth control prescription each month so you have a pack in time for your start date. If you forget, you could risk missing the first few days of your pill cycle. To remind yourself, mark your calendar 1 week in advance of your start date, or set up reminders on your computer, cell phone or PDA. And don't forget these 2 points.

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